They say a picture is a poem
without words. I've always been
the quiet one.




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Graphic Design



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Paul Mignon

Paul Mignon The Swoosher

Enthralled by art and design his whole life, Paul Mignon from France, has been designing for 5 years. At 21 years of age, he's currently working as a freelance designer, and living life to its fullest. With a passion for his work, and motivation to achieve above and beyond what is expected of him, Paul is on the right path to hopefully becoming a successful designer.

Inspired by various things as music, art, and photography, Paul tends to implement modern vibes into most of his work. Whether it be a web design or just a simple typography message portraying that day's thoughts. With the ability to have the creativity to adapt to almost any style of designing, Paul's imagination is without a doubt, running wild. Paul intelligently balances the two dimensions with a good organization.

With a job stemming from his own home, Paul is forced to balance work and reality. With hobbies such as Photography, video games, and spending time with his family, Paul intelligently balances the two dimensions with a good organization.

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